Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What kind of flooring you choose?

When repairing the apartment is very actual question of what kind of flooring to choose from. After all, the correct solution "sexual problem" depends on just how impressive it will look design solution throughout the apartment. It is not true that type of floor covering can spoil everything, and redo the floor often means - to remake the entire repair.

Therefore, we decided to help you sort out this issue, having considered all the popular types of floor coverings in different environments. Let's start from the beginning.

Carpeting. There are two main types - carpets and floor coverings. Carpets have a fixed size, and tend to occupy not the whole floor surface.

Very impressive look designs, in which the classic interiors to the floor or putting expensive Persian carpets, Chinese handmade from natural materials (mostly wool or silk). Solutions, to put it mildly, is not cheap.

If you decide to save money and buy a carpet factory near Moscow, it is important to pay attention to the picture. It should not be pretentious, or you may be like our grandmothers, who install rugs of this type on the wall.

If you really really want to put on the floor beside the bed rug, and in the pocket is not too loud ringing, then go to Ikea and buy a monotonous blanket of pure wool. Although he would not be evident.

Today, more common solution when choosing a carpet floor. Going even a mid-sized store, you will realize that the choice of carpeting today are more than rich. The main difference between a rich assortment, in addition to the color and size, is the material of which it is made.

If none of your family is allergic to wool, the wool carpeting on the basis of natural jute not only for many years will you please the eye but also retain the maximum warmth and comfort of home. But the series models of wool carpet is a significant drawback - they are all fairly similar and more conservative than the eye.

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