Thursday, August 25, 2011

On the selection and operation of hydronic radiant heating systems

To help you select the most appropriate heating system, we propose the following classification of individual houses and cottages:

  •     Type A - one-story house with a basement and without a basement with a steep roof;
  •     Type B - single-storey house with a flat roof to the basement or no basement;
  •     Type B - two or more storied houses with a flat or a steep roof and a cellar.

For houses of type A is recommended to use hot water radiant heating systems only with vertical risers. Heating systems with horizontal can not be heated attic space with a steeply dipping roof. Hot-hydronic radiant heating system such homes with a basement or without desirable to perform two-pipe with natural circulation of the upper or lower wiring. When installing the boiler in the basement of the chimney height must be at least 10m. In homes without a basement boiler is installed on the first floor, and the system should only be wired from the top.

For homes with a basement of type B should apply hot hydronic radiant heating system with horizontal. The boiler is preferably set in the basement. Due to the fact that the chimney height of these houses are less than 6 meters, it is desirable to use as fuel gas or fuel oil.

For homes without basements of type B is also recommended for hot hydronic radiant heating system with horizontal, set the pot is not recessed, and as a fuel it is desirable to use a gas or liquid fuel.

For the two-storey houses and a type B should be used PEX pipe systems with hydronic radiant heating riser and the top or bottom wiring. In horizontal heating system can not be fully warm all the rooms of the house. The heating system runs with natural circulation, since this is sufficient circulating pressure. Since the stack of these buildings have a minimum height of 10 m, the boilers can run on any fuel.

Hydronic radian heating system (on the chosen system to some extent depend on PEX tubing and wiring) are recommended for use in the homes of the respective types.

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