Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to Buy Safe boiler

It is well known, the heating processes require constant surveillance here involved the coolant, which is heated to high temperature and pressure goes through the pipes, as well as different types of fuel to their individual physical and chemical characteristics. Uncontrolled heating system can be a source of danger. Its main factor is the fuel that is combustible, which is burned to produce heat. In accordance with the physical condition of the fuel divided by the solid, liquid and gaseous. By type of firm it is wood, peat, oil shale, and coal. By liquid - crude oil, petroleum products and fuel oil are different. For gas - natural and industrial gases blast, coke oven, generator, etc.

Boiler Expansion Tanks

Under any type of fuel developed specialized thermal generators (boilers) for heating systems, personal. Statistics show that the total volume used in our country, more than half the boilers are gas, and another third - on diesel fuel, about 10% - Electrical and about 5% - solid. Taking into account the fact that most of them operates on gas, but also that it is the most promising type of fuel, we analyze the composition and application of advanced automation control gas heat generators. That it offers a safe and reliable operation. Also in this article we consider the requirements for personal heating systems, working on gas equipment.

Hazards in use

Natural gas due to the low cost of the most beneficial for individual heating, because it has high consumer properties. But the physical and chemical properties of the fuel need of careful attention to fuel the organization process. Explosions of domestic gas, gas poisoning or its combustion products from excessive concentrations taken in closed spaces - all potential hazards

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