Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A variety of waterproofing materials

Waterproof materials are designed to protect building structures from constant exposure to corrosive and wet areas, often under the pressure of the water. In this regard, the materials of this group must be distinguished by properties such as water resistance, water resistance, durability, and also meet the requirements of mechanical strength, deformation resist, chemical resistance, etc.

The application of waterproofing materials are manifold: it is internal and external protection of underground structures, waterproofing underwater, waterworks, dams, bridge supports, embankments, basins, reservoirs and ponds.

Waterproofing not only protects the surface to be protected from contact with water, but also provides, increases the resistance of building structures against corrosion.

Application of waterproofing materials began in ancient times. Another 4500-5000 years ago natural bitumen, resins used as binders, and waterproofing materials in the construction of Egyptian and Babylonian structures. And these days, artificial (often petroleum-bitumen), natural bitumen and materials from their use are one of the most used reliable waterproofing materials. However, serious competitors of bitumen materials are synthetic resins, polymers and materials based on them.

Waterproof materials are divided on the basis of physical appearance and in:
  • mastic;
  • powder and solutions;
  • roller, leaf;
  • film, polymer membrane;
  • other species

Mastic sealing.

Mastic - a visco-plastic mass obtained by mixing organic binding agents with finely dispersed fillers and special additives, having bonding strength. According to its properties and technology of preparation of mastic little than differ from the adhesives, and only increased viscosity and a significant content of fillers serve as the basis for attributing such an adhesive composition to the category of mastics (adhesives, sealants and adhesives in this chapter are not considered)


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