Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Design of PEX tubing heating system

Design of PEX tubing heating system - a process of technical documentation that defines the heat output and heat transfer, system design and heat supply station (boiler room), the diameters of heat, the size of heating devices and equipment parameters, the system cost and other technical and economic indicators.

The process of designing the heating system in full operation includes three stages of selection, design and calculation: the technical and economic calculations, design, working documentation. Often the various stages of design were combined. The design is based laid regulations: All-Russian (federal) and local (regional). (See design costs.)

Key documents for the design of heating:
- State standards (ASTM);
- Building regulations (SNIP)
- Building regulations (CH), technical specifications (TS), technical regulations (TA) or a set of rules (SP) - Construction equipment catalogs.

The initial data for the design of the PEX tubing heating system are:
- A source of heat;
- Purpose, planning and construction of the building;
- Technological design and mode of operation of premises;
- Location of the building at the construction site;
- Climatology areas.

Design the PEX tubing heating system consists of four main parts: the calculation of thermal power, choice, design and heat-hydraulic calculation.

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