Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chicago Sound Bar

Chicago Sound Bar - this is the first in the Chicago nightclub, which opened its doors in long time ago.

Since then, 24 hours a day we are engaged in the transformation of traditional supply of cocktails in an enchanting and exciting show. Every day we receive hundreds of visitors not only to admire the virtuoso performance of our bartenders, but also to evaluate the taste of cocktails created by them. Even so uncomplicated classics like "Blood Mary" becomes a "subject" unique taste and appearance.

After two or three drinks from our extensive menu where classic and mixed drinks of their own invention Dan hawk, world champion in Barmen art, but at the same time managing partner can move on the dance floor and continue the night's dancing. Total infectiously fun ... and who knows, maybe you conquer the capital of sensual dancing on the bar or decide to exchange your tie for a free drink at the bar.

Thirsting for more relaxing pastime, in the presence of a lower hall with comfortable leather sofas. Pours from the speakers relaxing music create the perfect backdrop for a tighter dating with a bar card.

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